One of them’s the likely Republican nominee, the other’s the candidate Ann Coulter says she’ll campaign for. No joke about the drinking buddies thing, either. Surely, of all the two-shots Maverick didn’t want to suddenly find himself in on FNS this morning, this must rank at the very top.

Note the difference in their reactions when Wallace asks whether they’re looking forward to facing each other. McCain talks about a spirited campaign, the Glacier counters that she has her hands full already as it is. Good lord, does she ever. A 20-point spread two weeks ago is a two-point spread now, and Zogby actually has her behind in California, where she was expected to clean up. And because the Democratic primaries are all proportional, Obama can make up for even close losses in Cali and New York by crushing her in Illinois. She’s in serious, serious trouble, and it’s only going to get harder after Super Tuesday. Which means we’re in serious, serious trouble, too.