And by that I don’t mean that we first learned the basic details 10 months ago. I mean the very story he’s linking to at the top of the report was published March 28, 2007; the dateline is right there in plain view in the article. I posted about it, red font and all, at the time. This is the second day in a row where he’s recycled some stale anti-McCain story but at least he tagged yesterday’s item with “Flashback.” Today’s is meant to convince the careless reader that this is a shocking. new. revelation. It is shocking, but it ain’t new.

And now, having said all that, you get to laugh at my expense by revisiting my old post and marveling at my prediction that “if it’s true, he’s finished.” Per Jack M’s account of cloakroom cloak and dagger, it does appear to be true. And yet he seems … less than finished.

Be sure to read to the end, too, as you’ll also want to laugh at my naivete in thinking Romney (and Rudy) might bring this up occasionally during the campaign.

Here’s the left’s latest tribute to Maverick, one part hysterical exaggeration of his “more wars” remark and one part sly insinuation that McCain is indeed, as the smears have always claimed, insane. Can’t wait to see how many of our commenters snicker along.