It’s axiomatic that whatever you encourage, you get more of. Putting a subprime mess “victim” in the gallery at the SOTU Monday night encouraged what, exactly?

Michelle deals with that and the lack of any “suck it up” candidates in the hunt for the presidency. Giving credit where it’s due, she does highlight the 25 Republicans who voted against the House stimulus package.

The press, however, will continue to do its duty. Allah passed along this link to a story in which the AFP compares the subprime walkabouts to Katrina victims. What a crock.

The streets are empty. Trash rustles down the road past rusted barbecues, abandoned furniture, sagging homes and gardens turned to weed.

This is Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland and a town ravaged by the subprime mortgage crisis roiling the United States.

And it being an election year, the Beltway’s bandits won’t let anything slow them down. Bad press trumps bad economics.

Some of these folks who are caught up on all this may be legitimate victims, but most of them are probably victims of their own bad decisions. Some of them are the very “greedy people” that McCain thinks are all on Wall Street, and they treated their houses like ATMs and are now walking away from the problems that they have created. As InstaPundit says, shouldn’t there be a price for stupdity?