Yeah, she’s cute but ignore that and focus on your takeaways. It wasn’t but a few days back that NY NOW went totally, completely off-the-charts bonkers over Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama. They had a press release comparing the political treatment of Hillary to a gang bang, which given the fact that Ted Kennedy is directly involved and Bill Clinton was lurking in the shadows off stage, should have made them heed the blinding IRONY caution light.

That, plus the possibility that their work might have constituted the single most egregious play of the girl card in centuries, potentially setting real feminism back to the Cretaceous.

So here’s one take-a-way: The NOW that stood in monolithic support of Bill Clinton when he had been caught with the intern, a complete betrayal of feminist notions of workplace power relations, is now fractured over supporting the wife that stood by her man through all that. That’s bound to leave some longstanding issues here and there.

Second take-a-way: Barack Obama, bipartisan healer, is a most radical politician. He doesn’t just have the most reliably liberal voting record in the US Senate. His radicalism traces back through his entire political career. According to his new NOW supporter, Obama has a 100% NARAL record, meaning he’s fine with partial birth abortion and no parental restrictions or notifications whatsoever. That’s one of the more monstrous things I’ve ever heard said of a potential Messiah. It’s bound to stick.

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