8 p.m. ET on CNN, one on one at last. The conventional wisdom has it that this is the Messiah’s chance to take her down a peg before Super Tuesday but I think it’s just as much her chance to prove she can stand toe to toe with him on the same stage. There are no significant policy differences to be hashed out here, only health-care arcania and withdrawal nuance. Which means it’s a matter of style, which in turn makes her the underdog.

This freaky little tidbit makes me think she’s about to play the gender card again, so look for some faux hurt feelings about the SOTU snub. It would be awesomely awesome if Obama hit her over the latest BJ revelations, but he’s probably wary enough about Rezko that he doesn’t want to get in the mud. What are they going to talk about for two hours? Hillary’s scummy Florida politicking? Batten down the hatches for the most excruciatingly substance-less — yet possibly vicious — debate yet!

Sound off below. Video to come, if there’s something worth clipping.