Another confidence builder. Granted, the wheezing spendthrift McCain campaign of 2007 isn’t the leaner juggernaut of 2008, but you read that story in the context of this one. Even having won three close primaries, with momentum at full throttle, he’s probably going to finish the month somewhere in the neighborhood of $12-15 million. Sound good? Here’s what Drudge is teasing right now:


Note the number of new donors; the AP article linked above says McCain’s total base of contributors is 110,000. Which brings us to Geraghty, posing an obvious question that I neglected to include in my preview of Maverick’s chances in the general yesterday. Plenty of conservatives who say now that they won’t vote for him will end up doing so in the end. But will they donate to him? Nope. Plenty of rank and file Republicans will just to try to beat the Democrats, but there’s going to be a shortfall from the McCain-haters. And depending upon who his opponent is, that shortfall could be big. Behold:



Obama pulls about 8% each from McCain and from the “stay home” contingent that Hillary doesn’t. Those numbers won’t hold after a long summer campaign but they’re an awful place to start from.

Incidentally, Mitt won’t say (yet) how much he’s donated to his campaign so he may be running in the red too if you control for his checkbook.