Finally, after nearly a year we get to the bottom of the story.

Last spring, you were held up as a parody of environmental correctness when you proposed restricting the use of toilet paper to one square per bathroom visit. What was that about? I think it’s a fantastic and eye-opening example of how the media is operated by political figures, of how Karl Rove was humiliated in the media and how, within 24 hours, he was able to humiliate me and take any sort of credibility away from me.

What are you saying? You think Karl Rove leaked the toilet-paper story to the press after you and Laurie David sparred with him about global warming at the White House correspondents’ dinner? I cannot tie him directly to that leak, but within 24 hours of our exchange, as we were leaving D.C., it was on the CNN ticker tape: “Sheryl Crow has proposed that we legislate toilet paper to one square.”

Did you ever actually suggest that? It was always a joke. It was part of a shtick…”

It’s not the first time Crow has said “one square” was a joke. But it is the first time she has tied it to Rove’s ubiquitous, evil schemes. As usual with these liberal accusations, though, it turns out to be a fantasy. “One square” didn’t originate with Turd Blossom. It originated with an article on the Huffington Post, which was written by none other than Sheryl Crow.

Unless…Rove is such a magnificent you-know-what that he somehow posed as Crow, wrote that post, and then leaked it to CNN. It must be that.

Or Crow is now joking about the plot about the joke.

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