A brilliant last-ditch ploy to position himself to McCain’s right but it likely comes too late. Not only is he down to less than half of what Maverick and Romney are pulling in the polls, but even the early voting, which he’s banking on to shock the world tomorrow night, may not be going his way. From Byron York’s pre-postmortem:

One recent poll, from Insider Advantage, taken on Saturday, found that of 692 people surveyed, 171, or about 25 percent, had already voted. Of them, 16 percent said they had voted for Giuliani, versus the 29 and 30 percent who said they had voted for McCain and Romney, respectively. So the hope that Giuliani’s supporters had — that early voters might have chosen Rudy before his popularity began to sag so badly — might not be working out.

Per Salon, Rudy may end up being just another New Yorker who went to Florida to retire. Exit question one: He’s only two or three points ahead of Huck for third place in some polls. If he finishes fourth, does he quit before Super Tuesday? I can’t see him dropping out before then any other way. Exit question two: Why is this ad web-only? Except for Huckabee’s hyper-popular Chuck Norris spot and the infamous Christmas message spot, even highly rated web ads rarely do more than 50,000 views. Who’s going to see it except the sadly irrelevant blogosphere?