The UN’s first Durban Conference Against Racism, held in 2001, degenerated into a bash Israel and bash the US festival. The second, which is scheduled for next year, is shaping up to be a re-run of the same thing. Iran has a big role. Libya has a big role. Cuba has a big role. These are not countries that are known for their enlightened human rights policies. They are known for bashing Israel, past or present support of terrorism, and for being dictatorships. So they’re among the reasons Canada is walking away from the whole thing in protest.

The UN gave planning oversight for the conference to its Human Rights Council, which has targeted Israel in 14 of its 15 resolutions charging human-rights violations in its first two years of existence.

“We’ve tried to influence it so that we would not revisit the overt expressions of hatred which came out of the original conference,” said Kenney. “But we unfortunately ran into a brick wall.

“The process has been hijacked by those who would seek to replay the terrible experience of the first Durban conference.”

Iran was named to the organizing committee, Kenney noted.

“This is a country whose government has publicly expressed its desire to eliminate the only Jewish country in the world,” he said.

Furthermore, all of the non-governmental organizations invited to the first conference have been invited back to the second, including those that were at the “forefront of the hatred,” some of which posted pro-Hitler posters at the 2001 gathering.

Concluded Kenney: “If we felt there was any realistic chance that Canada could help to positively influence the process, we would stay involved. . . . By making this bold decision, Canada may send a wake-up call to the Durban organizers and other countries.”

Good for Canada. The UN’s entire Human Rights Commission needs to be either revamped, again, or scrapped. It continues to be what it was before the last reforms took place — a platform for Israel haters and America haters to spout hate. It doesn’t even attempt to safeguard anyone’s human rights. It just empowers racists and dictators.