Michelle just put these clips up, and they’re important. They’re both from C-SPAN this morning, first Rep. Dennis Kucinich jumping off the Soros-funded “study” to make his case for impeaching President Bush.


And then getting his hand smacked for it by Rep. Cliff Stearns.


And with that, Kucinich’s Bush-deranged remarks are stricken from the record. Thanks to these clips, his asininity stays on permanent display for all the world to see.

I think it’s high time Congress let Kucinich lead an impeachment drive. Let Denny K trot out his Soros-funded “study” and let the Republicans counter with everything that Horowitz & co have compiled at Discover the Network. Let Denny K accuse Bush & Cheney of lying about Iraq, and let the Republicans counter with clip after clip after bloody clip of everyone in the Clinton administration taking the exact same line on Iraq that Bush took. Bring all those Clintonistas in and get them under oath about that 1998 town hall meeting at Ohio State. Ask them why they were there to promote taking action against Iraq. What was that about?

Let’s have that fight, Democrats. Any time you want. But not in the press, not anymore. They’re not a fair spectator. Let’s have it out in Congress where everything said and entered is on the record and under oath. And let’s see what becomes of whacknuts like Dennis Kucinich and let’s see what’s left of his “Bush LIED” schtick.