As testy as Mitt’s capable of getting, that is. The real confrontation comes towards the end, when one of his spokesmen and then a passerby get up in the reporter’s face. The charge is that Romney, the self-styled candidate of vacuous “change”, is letting his campaign be run by a guy who not only served as political director in the George H.W. Bush administration but is known to some as a “mega-lobbyist”, whose firm raised more than $21 million in fees in 2006 alone. True? Strictly speaking, no. Ron Kaufman appears to have no formal role with the campaign, although he’s mentioned in this Fox News story as a member of Mitt’s “inner circle” and is frequently described as a “senior advisor” in other news reports. So, to the 1% or less of Republicans who deem this an unpardonable, disqualifying sin, there you go.

Ed Rollins, Huck’s campaign manager, attacked Kaufman last month on Hardball for being an atheist so you can imagine where my sympathies lie. Click the image to watch.


Update (Bryan): My two cents while I’m working on tomorrow’s Jihad Watch. No candidate will lose points with voters by taking on a reporter, and double that on the GOP side. Remember George H. W. Bush’s famous fisticuffs with Dan Rather in 1988, which was seen at the time as the end of his wimp problem. Fight with an annoying reporter, go up in the polls. Add that the reporter in this case has a history of bias and you have the makings of a win for Romney. That the reporter acts like an unprofessional clod by lounging on the floor during the grilling is just a bonus.

And in this case, as Allah outlines above, Mitt is right on the facts.