Remember them? They’ve been at it this for than a month, all to the supposed consternation of the man who couldn’t quite bear to run attack ads against Romney before screening one for the press. Mitt got the good cop/bad cop treatment on Monday in Michigan. Now it’s Fred’s turn:

Automated phone polls disparaging rivals of Republican White House hopeful Mike Huckabee started across this early voting state Tuesday evening and the head of the group making them said that more than 1 million will be made in a three-day span.

Huckabee’s campaign quickly disavowed the push polling. “We know nothing about that and don’t condone it. Anyone who is doing that in an effort to help us needs to stop. This does not reflect the positive spirit of the campaign,” said spokeswoman Alice Stewart…

Among the people receiving the push polling calls was a county co-chairman of former Sen. Fred Thompson’s campaign.

Jason Goings, the Aiken County co-chairman for Thompson, said the call he received started by asking him if he was a Republican who planned to vote in Saturday’s primary and then asked whom he supported. After he hit the button for Thompson, a voice highlighted Huckabee’s position against abortion and said Thompson worked as a lawyer for a lobbying firm that protected abortion rights.

The call also attacked Thompson, a former Tennessee senator and actor, on same-sex marriage, illegal immigration and taxes.

Fred was asked about it this morning on Fox & Friends and said he assumes Huckabee doesn’t know about the calls before slapping him for ducking him on the issues when he had a chance to talk about them at the debate. Let’s see if Team Thompson tries to make an issue of this later today on the stump to slow down Huck’s momentum there in the wake of McCain’s Michigan disappointment. In the meantime, here’s another clip from F&F. A reader e-mailed about it asking if Fox is in the tank for anyone given that they seem to cut Fred off — rudely, too — just as he’s complaining about people always cutting him off and asking about McCain when he wants to talk about the issues. Given the fact that he’s on the network three or four times a day now I’m guessing there’s no conspiracy. But damn it, we need a scapegoat in case he flames out on Saturday night!