Not the first time he’s riffed in this silly vein, unfortunately, but the man’s got three hours to fill and doesn’t have the luxury of cueing up some submoronic video when he’s momentarily out of stuff to say.

There’s a very obvious blogosphere-related joke to be made here, but I’m not going to make it. Not because it’s beneath me. Just because we’re all already thinking of it.

RUSH: Do you remember, we came up with a term here; we’ve had the gender gap, what other gaps have we had? We’ve had the minority gap; the gender gap. We had the NASCAR gap. But we also, we invented a term, the arousal gap. And that was all these lib Democrats and the Drive-By women reporters just swooning over Bill Clinton. “Why not me?” they would ask. We get these stories about the power crackling in his jeans and so forth. So we had an arousal gap problem. Do you realize, I don’t know, ladies and gentlemen, if I can extrapolate here from two calls.

We’ve had two women today simply going bonkers over Mitt Romney. Now, I don’t know if they are part of the Romney organization. I’m not trying to castigate them here. You just don’t know, and I didn’t ask them, but I’m just going to assume here they’re just ardent, just pumped-up Romney supporters. If Romney gets the nomination, and all of these, if there are indeed a lot of these kinds of women out there, they look at Romney, and he’s a good-looking guy, they see the family, and it’s a wholesome, really good-looking family, a lot of things to recommend it, in terms of if you look at what women look at versus men, and political candidates and so forth, can you imagine the arousal gap being on the Democrat side? Well, here’s the difference. There’s a big difference with the Clinton women and Romney women. The Romney women know they don’t have a chance of sleeping with him, but they don’t want to. The Clinton women all wanted to sleep with the guy. Remember Nina Burleigh, TIME Magazine reporterette, she said, “I would personally give Bill Clinton oral sex for saving abortion.” Oh, they were all over. You could see them swoon in the press conferences. So if the arousal gap — especially if Hillary is their nominee (laughter) the arousal gap, can you imagine? Can you imagine the Drive-Bys and the Democrats going nuts if there is a huge amount of women in this country who are going to swoon over Romney the way these two who called here today swooned over him? Whoa, that’s going to be fun to watch, if that all transpires, the arousal gap two.

Exit question for the ladies: Come clean. You’re … not feeling it at all, are you?