The suits in the DNC must have gotten to Marlyand Governor Martin O’Malley. Not two days ago he was proposing a two-tiered drivers license system for the state, a secure license for citizens and legal residents and a non-secure one for illegal aliens. The current system allows illegal aliens to obtain the same license as everyone else. That’s going to go away. But before we get to the details, savor the headline the Washington Post put on its story.

Immigrant Driver ID Rejected by O’Malley

That headline is a lie, of course, without “Illegal” to modify “Immigrant,” which really ought to be “Alien” since that’s the legal term at issue. Anyway.

Gov. Martin O’Malley rejected a proposal yesterday to issue separate driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants and legal residents, saying that Maryland should comply with a federal security law by requiring immigrants to prove they are here legally before they can drive.

The proposal that the Post says O’Malley “rejected” was his own, presented by his own administration. So he’s not “rejecting” it so much as repudiating it. Or flipping.

The governor’s decision effectively reversed a long-standing policy that made Maryland one of only seven states that allow driving privileges for illegal immigrants. It came just days after his transportation secretary had briefed lawmakers on a proposed two-tier system that would have provided some latitude.

Instead, O’Malley (D) directed his top transportation officials to comply with the federal Real ID law by devising a secure, federally recognizable license that would be accepted as identification to board planes or enter government buildings.

“We should not allow Maryland to become an island virtually alone on the East Coast” by not requiring proof of legal residence for licenses, O’Malley said last night.

Maryland already is that, since it’s one of a handful of states that already allows illegals to obtain drivers licenses among other benefits. And it would have remained that, with the special two-tiered system.

I suspect that O’Malley’s march is an election-year ploy designed to take the heat off Democrats running up higher on the ticket. Watch to see if he flips again after November.

(h/t Newsbusters)