The reverse stalking horse argument: It’s not that he’s doing McCain’s bidding by attacking Huck, it’s that he’d be doing Huck’s bidding by attacking McCain. The new Clemson poll taken over the past week shows him stuck in fourth, 19 points behind McCain (but with 17 percent still undecided). Memo to Fred: Attack both.

Huck’s going to start his own bombing campaign shortly. Meanwhile, Cavuto senses the buzzards circling in anticipation of Saturday night and wonders — would Fred endorse Huck? Hey, why not? He’s against amnesty, just like he’s against federal smoking bans and immigration from terrorist states. What’s not to love?

Incidentally, Cavuto had Ed Rollins, Huck’s campaign manager, on immediately after this to respond to Fred. His verdict: Talk to me when you beat Ron Paul somewhere.