Michelle noted the booing earlier today, but seeing it on video elevates the story from entertaining to priceless. And it’s over a signature issue, one on which he has been lying lately, illegal immigration.

That story that McCain tells in his defense — calling a soldier who has been serving in Iraq to tell him that the government is deporting his mother — might account for .000001 cases of illegal immigration. So why does he keep telling it?

Because on this issue McCain is a dishonest demagogue who knows his own record could be his undoing.

Update (AP): Just listen as the many caveats to enforcement slip lightly from his lips. Fred should be killing him on this. He’s the only one of the big five whose immigration record is untainted, and yet the most he could muster yesterday on CNN when asked about it directly was this:

BLITZER: And very quickly, McCain, is there a real difference between you and McCain?

THOMPSON: Yeah, I disagree with the illegal immigration bill that they proposed last year and the year before last. Said it from the very beginning, didn’t think that was the way to go. I’ve disagreed with him on tax cuts in times past. In 2001, in particular, I know of one time when I supported the tax cut and he didn’t. So, yeah. And we’ve talked about that.

He’s going to lose this race on Saturday by squandering these opportunities. Watch and see.