The sort of ad that the press will happily tolerate when aimed by one Republican at another, but when it’s reprised in the general against the Democrats, look out.

MM told me last me night she was shocked to find that even among the anti-amnesty stalwarts of the Malkin readership, 57% are still willing to pull the lever for Maverick next year if it comes to that. Here, in 30 seconds, is why. Exit question, per the new NBC poll showing Maverick leading in NH: If Mitt gets beat by Huck in Iowa and then by Mac in New Hampshire, how long does he stay in the race? Surely at least until Michigan, where he’s still got the Romney name to run on, and probably until South Carolina, where he’ll make his last stand by flooding the state with ads. Follow-up question: If and when he does drop out, to whom do his supporters flock? Fred will be gone before him so it’s either Huck, McCain, or Rudy.