Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this illegal?

Guess who is coming to dinner in Dublin?

None other than former US president Bill Clinton, who is mingling with a host of Ireland’s elite at a fundraising bash on Saturday night.

The 1,600 euro (£1,145) a head dinner is in aid of his wife Hillary’s presidential campaign fund – and the places have been much coveted.

The Irish-Americans for Hillary Group said they could sell the 140 available places over and over again.

That’s not the illegal part. This is.

The paper said that some Irish people who were so desperate to attend the fundraiser have been seeking out US citizens through whom they can channel the $2,300 (1,600 euro) admission charge.

You would think that a campaign that has already been sacked with fundraising Hsunanigans would stay far away from even the appearance of foreign funds and influence, but where the Clintons are concerned, you’d obviously be wrong. The FEC had better work the door at this Irish shindig.

Also, is Hillary showing a lack of faith in the dollar by having a fundraiser that rings up the cash in euros?