Found via William Amos. Yesterday they stopped Strykers by putting themselves in the way but police fired pepper balls and arrested several. Last night, protesters dragged dumpsters into the roads in an attempt to stop Strykers from reaching Ft. Lewis from the Port of Olympia. It didn’t work; Strykers can plow through just about anything. The “peace” protesters also hurled rocks at the police and earned some pepper spray doses for that. 43 were arrested, but they’re planning on continuing the protests.

The sedition charges that they deserve would stop further protests and would prevent them from spreading to other port cities. Click to head over to KOMO-TV’s site to see the video.


Update: Child abuse charges should be added for one fruitbat.

After the military convoy was forced to retreat, a victory celebration ensued, with chanting dancing, etc. I was horrified to watch as the woman in the attached photograph, distracted by events, allowed her infant to fall from her lap and land, face first on the pavement. The second photo shows her retrieving the crying baby as her other two children, dressed as terrorists look on.

Michelle has photos of the child, as well as photos of other protesters using their children as human shields. We’re looking at small scale anarchy up on Olympia.

Update: Kossacks debate the “direct action” in Olympia.