All that’s missing is the Tron costume. Not even Brad Pitt could get any action driving this spaz-trap, which means they can only be marketing it to three groups: (1) celibate men, (2) female motorcyclists worried about the wind’s effect on their hair, and (3) enviroturds, lured by the promise of a clean, green 100 mpg. The left loves to whine about how Bush never asked the country for any sacrifices after 9/11, although of course they haven’t been in any hurry to fill that gap by sacrificing anything unsolicited. Here’s their second chance: I want to see a fleet of these suckers in the Yearly Kos parking lot circa 2010. “Gaia” would want it that way.

I think having Al and Tipper roll up to Oslo City Hall next month in matching units — blue for him, perhaps a nice mauve for her, natch — would send quite the consciousness-raising statement, n’est-ce pas?

Say this much for them. They made it as cool-looking as something this lame can be.