I can’t imagine why the Washington Times would devote an article to this, unless they’re as strapped for material as we are today, in which case touche. It comes from GodTube, the religious-themed YouTube competitor that the boss blogged about a few weeks back. Judging from the attention paid to it by Nightline, this is one of their showcase clips, and with good reason. It’s well performed, especially given the poor quality of most amateur horror. The lapsed Catholic in me loves it: lots of guilt, lots of brimstone. Atheists will love it too, especially the emphasis at the beginning on how “Josh” and “Zack” lead comparable lives; if Josh has done anything evil to invite a dunking in the lake of fire, we’re not privy to it. His sin is his benightedness, and even that’s not presented as his fault, exactly. It’s Zack’s fault for not badgering him into converting. Does that mean Zack’s going into the lake, too? Doubtful.

Hitchens relishes railing against religious people who assure him that God loves him and in the next breath promise that he’ll be roasting for eternity not for any misdeeds but for simply lacking faith. I’ve noticed some of our readers shying away from that claim in our comment battles on this site, possibly due to some innate sense that it’s unjust. Not everyone agrees, obviously.

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