Your head-spinning federal stupidity of the day comes from the FAA:

For more than a decade, [Rev. Sam Childers] has transported needed supplies to operate its power-generator in a clearly marked Rubbermaid container. That is until April, when three quarts of motor oil, two bottles of diesel treatment and a can of WD-40 spray lubricant in the crate were confiscated by airline screeners.

Mr. Childers, president of World Missions Shekinah Fellowship, apologized in a later letter to U.S. government officials, saying he was not aware the supplies were classified as “hazardous materials” and illegal to ship by commercial plane.

The minister thought the matter was resolved. But now, six months later, Mr. Childers has been notified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) he will be fined $28,000 for the transgression.

It sounds like he shipped about 15 bucks worth of stuff. How does that, even if it’s entirely illegal and wrong and beyond question immoral, earn one a $28,000 fine?

I mean, the law is the law, but this strikes me as ridiculous.

(photo by Kevin Evans)