Your tax dollars almost at work. I’m going to throw down the gauntlet here and say that, pound for pound, as confirming the most cartoonish stereotypes about Democrats, this story’s even more gratifying than the Wash Times’s NASCAR cooties extravaganza. Your quote of the month: “Conservatives call it a hippie museum and a taxpayer-funded LSD flashback.”

Hippies used to say if you remember Woodstock, you weren’t really there. Republicans say presidential contender Hillary Clinton can forget about getting $1 million in taxpayer funds for a Woodstock museum.

Clinton and Charles Schumer, Democratic senators from New York, want to earmark the federal money for a museum that would commemorate the 1969 music festival in their state.

“Woodstock Museum is a shining example of what’s wrong with Washington on pork-barrel, out-of-control spending,” said John McCain, Arizona senator and Republican presidential hopeful. An example, he said, of “the earmark pork-barrel spending which has made the American people disenchanted and angry.”…

“With all the pressing needs facing our country today, from entitlement reform to children’s health care to the war in Iraq, the idea that the federal government should fund a museum that celebrates a 38-year-old concert is simply absurd,” Kyl said.

Here’s the roll of glory. Voting against the acid trip were four Blue Dog Democrats … and Russ Feingold? You used to be cool, man.