Today marks the start of a unique and experimental opportunity to directly ask the presidential candidates the questions that you want to ask them. It’s called 10 Questions, it’s a little bit like the YouTube debate, but better since CNN won’t be an intermediary, and here’s how it will work.

It’ll be divvied up in two rounds spanning two months, with the first round starting today. In Round 1, anyone with a video camera and the ability to upload to YouTube, MySpace Yahoo Video, or can submit a video question. To enter, upload your video question to one of these sites and tag it “10questions.” Be sure to give it a descriptive title so others can find it. And if you want, add additional tags that describe it further. The questions should be addressed to the candidates as a group, as opposed to any single candidate.

At the end of the first round, the questions will be collected from those sites and put on the 10 Questions site, where anyone can vote on which ones should be answered by the presidential candidates. In Round 2, the candidates tape their answers and upload them for judging. Round 2 begins on November 17, so you have until then to come up with a question, shoot it and submit it. 10 Questions ends on December 31.

I’ll post periodic reminders about 10 Questions here on Hot Air, to keep you updated and hopefully convince some of you to submit questions and then vote on the ones that have been submitted.

A slew of large blogs on both sides of the aisle are sponsoring 10 Questions, and I’m pleased to say that Hot Air is one of them. I want to see some questions from you guys. So go check out the 10 Questions site, think up a question and submit it. You can submit as many questions as you want, so have fun with it.