Lefty site PageOneQ caught them with their pants down.

The official website of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has removed a portion of a transcript of his speech yesterday at Columbia University. In the scrubbed section, part of a question and answer period, Ahmadinejad said there are no homosexuals in Iran.

In a statement released by the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission the organization noted that the comments had been removed from the Persian language version of the site, but left in the English transcription of the speech. Following an inquiry by PageOneQ made to the Iranian embassy, the entire question and answer period has been removed from the site

According to IGLHRC, no Persian language papers have reported on the remarks.

I don’t get it. What happened to truth, justice, science, and fairness for all peoples? His denial about gays isn’t the only part that’s been censored, either. Compare WaPo’s transcript to the English-language Iranian presidential transcript; his response to Bollinger’s “insulting” introduction at the beginning has vanished into the ether, doubtless to hide the fact that Bollinger addressed him at all. And here’s a subtle but telling little exercise in taqiyya at the very end. From WaPo, what he said to ingratiate himself with what he thought was a mainly Jewish and Christian audience:

God is aware of all reality. All researchers and scholars are loved by God. So I hope there will be a day where these scholars and scientists will rule the world and God himself will arrive with Moses and Christ and Mohammed to rule the world and to take us toward justice.

And the official Iranian translation, aimed no doubt at English-speaking Muslims:

The Almighty knows every thing and He loves scholars, researchers and teachers. We wish for the day when pious and pure scholars and scientists run the world and the pious ruler who shall be divine one rules over the world.

That’s a reference to the Mahdi, of course. There are surely more examples of this sort of revision in the transcript. If anyone wants to go through systematically and compare it to WaPo’s version for significant discrepancies, e-mail our tips address and let us know what you find.

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