We’ve been dumping on her for the past three months so we owe her some buzz when she gets one right. For all her quasi-anarchic anti-borders rhetoric and demagoguery about nativists who hate “brown-skinned illegal immigrants,” KP is no Kossack and no fan of MoveOn.org. Now that Harold Ford’s made a hobby of kissing Kos’s ass, it’s pretty much just her and Joementum left in the Democratic center. Enjoy as she and Liebs dump on the “Betray Us” ad and wonder why the left seems to care so much what Petraeus thinks about the war making America safer when they’ve already dismissed him out of hand as an unreliable witness. Can a righteous conservative blogger and an occasionally disjointed female version of Geraldo make it in this topsy turvy world? Hope springs eternal, my friends.

Here’s the Owen West piece in the Journal to which Lieberman refers. Recommended reading.

Update: Kirsten forwards this link to the Journal to substantiate the claim that 70% of the attacks in Iraq now are by Iranian-backed forces.