Laura Mansfield has the video of Bin Laden’s intro to the tape of 9/11 hijacker Waleed al-Shehri rambling on for 40 minutes about the glories of airline hijackings. To my ear the audio sounds different than the audio on the tape released last week. It’s clearer on this one, for one thing, and the voice, while sounding like Bin Laden’s, isn’t quite as unmistakably his. There’s no video either, just the still image you see below, which means the audio was probably recorded at an earlier date and not during the same session as last week’s vid. Like I said yesterday, they’ve got a bunch of these hijacker wills in the vault and likely have Osama intros already on the spool for each. He’ll be popping up on these tapes even after he’s dead, which is surely why they’ve stockpiled so much A/V from him — to create an immortal “from beyond the grave” effect once he’s gone.

The only reference I caught that might help date it is a mention near the end of the death of Zarqawi, who was killed in June 2006. I’m mildly surprised that the intro for something as low priority and time insensitive for AQ as a hijacker’s will wasn’t recorded until the last 14 months, but so it goes.

The AP’s seen the full tape and it doesn’t sound too exciting. As expected, the image of al-Shehri on the tape does indeed match the one from the “Nineteen Martyrs” video released by AQ in 2002.