Quite a day. MoveOn, Code Pink, and now the trifecta as the peace midget slobbers all over Syrian fascist Bashar Assad for the viewers at home. One of our lefty commenters scolded me earlier for equating St. Cindy’s peace brigades with “mainstream” Democrats; fair enough, but he’ll have a harder time spinning this one. Another golden moment for Rahm Emanuel’s solemn edict that partisanship ends at the water’s edge.

Skip ahead to 5:30 or so for the queasiest parts, but be advised that if you do you’ll miss the Halliburton reference. As you watch, bear in mind that “General Betray Us” spent part of his afternoon showing off this chart to the Armed Services Committee:


It speaks for itself, but if you need to be walked through it I recommend this short piece from U.S. News and the fine print in this post about who’s supplying the manpower for the jihad in Iraq. Made in Saudi Arabia, but the conveyor belt runs through Damascus. Click the image to watch.


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