They let her have it so she had to atone. She wasn’t excusing what he did, she was merely explaining why he might have done it. The fact that her explanation, that Vick didn’t realize dogfighting was wrong, was flatly incorrect doesn’t come up. How incorrect was it? Read this. Key quote:

Hearing about Vick’s involvement put Humane Society officials in a quandary. Sharing the information with either the Falcons or law enforcement authorities might have alerted Vick, Goodwin said, allowing him to hide evidence from investigators. Keeping the information private, though, would enable Vick to maintain the secrecy so crucial to his activities.

As for the little scoop at the end, I tremble in anticipation, not knowing whether to hope for someone boring and appealing or a deranged banshee in the Rosie mold, like Margaret Cho. For traffic’s sake, I fear the terrible choice is clear.

Update: Boring and appealing.