“The right-wing is going to come at this film,” he warns hopes, almost speechless at the prospect of the publicity and free-speech martyrdom he’s pining for. True enough; if anyone’s going to object to a movie that reduces what U.S. troops are “really” doing in Iraq to the rape and murder of a teenaged girl whose main assailant is facing lethal injection, it’s not going to be the left. What’s most loathsome is the air of self-congratulation at his own alleged bravery in exposing troop atrocities, notwithstanding the saturation coverage of Haditha last summer. The left loves the idea of itself as the Resistance, forever romantically in peril for daring to follow its conscience and confront its oppressors; the fact that this turd is holding himself out as courageous in the context of criticizing American soldiers, of all people, is simply precious in its absurdity.

Fully 20 years now without a truly good film to his credit, by the way. I’m mildly optimistic about this one; let’s hope he can get through it without ripping off Hitchcock or Eisenstein. Click the image to watch.