I guess they really have taken secularism to heart. Spend some time with the chart, which is complex but worthwhile. A few odd data points:

1) Despite (or because of?) their enormous populations, India and China tie for fewest sex partners on average. Both countries start late, too — 19 and 18, respectively — but China’s rate of STD is not only dramatically higher than India’s, it’s dramatically higher than any other country with similar rates of unprotected sex. I wonder why.

2) Only two countries average age 15 for their first act of intercourse: Germany, where the average number of partners is a modest six, and … Iceland, where it’s 13, the second highest on earth. What the hell’s going on in Reykjavik?

3) Note the cluster of big Scandinavian circles in the upper right. Lots of partners, lots of unprotected sex, and (not surprisingly) lots of STDs. Seems like an odd cultural quirk for such famously “progressive” countries.

4) Finally, Italians start late but they catch up in a hurry. Salud.

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