Anyone know where I can buy futures in Swedish flags? Demand’s about to spike in the Middle East:

A leading Swedish newspaper on Saturday said the country would not apologize for the recent publication of a Prophet Mohammed cartoon which has inflamed devout Muslims around the world.

Dagens Nyheter said in an editorial Sweden “has a duty from now on to defend its principles and present an open dialogue.”

It said offended Muslims would not receive the apologies they are asking for…

Svenska Dagbladet, another broadsheet, said Sweden was now in a situation “which could escalate and slip away from Swedish control”.

Some observers did, however, note important differences with Denmark, where the publication of cartoons deemed offensive two years ago caused deadly riots in several countries.

Unlike its Danish neighbor, Sweden has a reputation for taking in refugees and immigrants, the paper said. Sweden is the primary destination in Europe for asylum-seeking Iraqis, who are the second-largest immigrant community there.

Aside from the surprising fact that several Scandinavian papers have reprinted the drawing, presumably in a show of solidarity, everyone’s following the script. Islamic governments, including “friendlies” like Egypt, are deliberately stoking the fire by issuing public denunciations when they should be keeping their fat mouths shut and Sweden’s diplomatic corps is left to issue the only sort of apology it can, i.e. “sorry you’re so thin-skinned.” Expect a little torch action by this Friday.