Interesting. It’s unusual in my Fox-viewing experience to see Hanretty get as personal as she does at the end here. We all deal with the realization that KP’s a Rudy-bashing water-carrier for the Clinton campaign in our own way, I guess. What happened, “Big Story” producers? Couldn’t get Howard Wolfson to come on and debate Hanretty instead?

A few things to watch out for, the first being the sublime irony of a Clinton supporter criticizing another politician for not taking the threat of terrorism seriously enough. KP naturally neglects to mention that we don’t know for sure how many hours Rudy spent at Ground Zero the first week, when it was most toxic, since there are no extant records of his schedule until 9/17/01. Certainly it was far less than many of the workers, a fact which Rudy himself acknowledged the day after suggesting otherwise and which KP also naturally ignores. That’s okay; just flag it for now, because inevitably during this campaign Hillary’s going to say something moronic which she’ll then try to climb down from and O’Reilly’s going to ask her biggest fan about it and she’s going to tell him, without missing a beat, “She clarified it later, didn’t she?” That’s when I pounce.

Since we’re playing the Who Cares Most? game, remind me: who were the two senators from New York on 9/11? One was Chuck Schumer but I can’t recall the other. Certainly one might expect them to be putting in some serious face time down at the ruins in those first awful days and weeks afterwards; how curious that the media hasn’t inquired for comparison purposes. Granted, there was important legislative business to attend to in Washington at the time (the Patriot Act first and foremost), but Rudy also had important business to attend to and important business doesn’t seem to deter senators who are running for president from flying all over the country and back to do moronic, gladhanding, what-ya-eatin’ diner visits between votes on the Senate floor. So please, let’s do have those numbers and really put Rudy to shame with the sheer overwhelming Caringness of Chuck Schumer and that other senator whose name I just can’t remember.

Exit question: This has to be an urban legend, but I’ve heard it mentioned many times before and Richard Miniter cites it as fact in this Opinion Journal piece from 2003. Surely, surely, it can’t be true that Billy Jeff Clinton, healer of the world’s pain, didn’t visit the World Trade Center after the 1993 bombing, can it? And, follow up to that: If it is true, KP couldn’t possibly know that or, being a Clinton supporter, she would have melted from hypocritical shame during this segment, right? And, follow up to that: If it is true and she did know, where do I go to get a pair of balls as big as hers?