Oh, Huck. If only you weren’t a Bloombergian nanny-state scold. This sort of cutting takedown makes a blogger’s heart soar:

In an interview I conducted this week in Iowa with presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, I asked him to explain why Fred Thompson was getting so much attention before he even enters the presidential race.

He said, “I frankly don’t get it. I mean I’m not being unkind I just don’t understand it because there’s not a substantial record in the Senate in him having authored the landmark signature bill that changed America. There’s not been in essence the kind of thing that says boy I remember when he did and then you fill in the blank. I think a lot of it is that people aren’t sure whether they’re electing a former senator or Arthur Branch. Anytime a person is on television a lot and a celebrity there’s a sense in which people are given a unique pedestal on which to stand and it’s the celebrity more than it is anything, the attention that comes from that and the sort of gee whiz factor and I’ve seen him on TV.”

In fairness to Fred, if there’s any signature accomplishment to the Huckabee era in Arkansas aside from him losing a thousand pounds, it’s eluded me thus far.

Exit question: Whose big government would be bigger — Huck’s or Jimmy Carter’s candidate of choice?