8 PM Eastern, Fox News. If you think Sen. Larry Craig might be discussed, you might be right.

Highlights after the show.

Update: For some reason my net connection is sloooow tonight (thanks, Comcast!), so it’ll be a while before the video is uploaded and goes online. If you watched tonight, the highlight reel starts off with the opening segment on Craig, then moves on to the immigration battle with Enrique Morales (including the amusing line in which he admits that he intimidates some politicians), followed by the three-way between Michelle, Laura Schwartz and Karen Hanretty (who I hadn’t seen before, but liked. She’s a feisty Republican!) and finishes up with a little bit of the Teen Miss Clueless segment.

Update: Well. Three failed uploads to YouTube and one successful upload to sevenload later, here’s the highlight reel.

Link: sevenload.com