I had to watch this three times before I kind of figured out what he was saying. The first time I was too distracted by his spastic head-shaking and the second time I got caught up in his bizarre “if you hate Vick, let him play” argument.

Actually, I’m still not sure what he’s saying. I think he’s saying that Vick is being punished disproportionately compared to the other miscreants in the league and that if you really want to punish him then the worst thing you can do to him is let him remain eligible so he can go panhandling around the NFL for a job. Really? That’d be a harsher fate than, um, banning him for life?

Watch this and tell me it’s not the direct outcome of Olby thinking, “I need to say something strong and stirring about Vick for the halftime show but I don’t. know. what.” Don’t worry, buddy — the facial tics say what the words cannot. Click the image to watch.

Update: Damn, the video’s not working. YouTube has been wonky all morning. I asked J$ to send me the clip so I can put it on Sevenload instead. In the meantime, stand by.

Update: Here’s the video. Thanks to J$ for hooking us up.

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