Captain Ed’s all over it. The rate is 100 a day according to one amnesty shill who’s surely exaggerating for effect, but the concurrent downturn in the housing market described at the end of the piece does suggest some heft to the phenomenon. If they’re serious about enforcing this thing, which they probably aren’t, we’ll start seeing real results a month or two after the law goes into effect on January 1. There’s no sense in most illegals leaving before then given the fine American tradition of passing immigration laws one has no intention of following.

If Arizona’s the laboratory for an economy stripped of illegal labor, California and New Mexico will be the laboratories for economies with a sudden illegal labor glut as Arizona’s “undocumented” alight. More labor = ever lower wages = a brewing backlash against illegals in those states too? Presumably unskilled U.S. citizens from Cali and NM facing new competition and tempted by the higher wages in Arizona will move in to fill the vacuum left by the departing illegals. The question is how many Arizona businesses will be left to receive them versus how many will have followed their departing laborers out of state. I guess that’s why this problem needs to be addressed at the federal level, replete with a guest worker program to keep companies from outsourcing: if it isn’t, then states face an economic prisoner’s dilemma vis-a-vis their neighbors. Or is my math wrong?

Update: You don’t want to hear from me on this issue. You want to hear from someone who knows what he’s talking about. Money:

As illegal immigrants continue crime sprees from New Jersey to Oregon, and our government fails to produce a suitable resolution to the immigrant crisis, now more than ever is the time to beat the doors of change and save the shores of Americana. With the possible creation of a North American Union and NAFTA Superhighways, illegal transport of immigrants, terrorists and other contraband is only going to increase and intensify.

“Shores of Americana”?