Dan Riehl asked me that last night in response to yesterday’s post about the Roggio’s scoop. Answer, per the 9/11 Commission report: a-yup.

Mihdhar told his cousin that the attacks were to happen in May, but were postponed twice, first to July, then to September. Moreover, one candidate hijacker remembers a general warning being issued in the al Qaeda camps in July or early August, just like the warnings issued two weeks before the Cole bombing and ten days before the eventual 9/11 attacks. During the midsummer alert, al Qaeda members dispersed with their families, security was increased, and Bin Ladin disappeared for about 30 days, until the alert was canceled.

There’s a brief description in Chapter 4 too of Richard Clarke warning Sandy Berger not to wait until after an attack to hit the camps as they’d all probably be empty by then. Could be just a coincidence, of course, but if there’s news in the next week or two of any prominent anti-AQ leaders being assassinated, hit the deck.

“Summer of chatter” fever, baby. Catch it!