Via the Jawas, the husband of one of the South Korean hostages speaks. I’m curious to know why, and by whom, this was made. Presumably they’re not sending the video to the Taliban; it must be for domestic consumption, to pressure the South Korean government. Except there’s not much they can do: the Taliban says it’s willing to release the women hostages in exchange for women Afghan prisoners held at Bagram or in Kandahar. Are there any?

“If the Afghan government or the Americans agree to free any Afghan women they’ve jailed in (military bases in) Kandahar or Bagram, we’ll free the same number of female hostages,” Taliban spokesman Yousuf Ahmadi told AFP…

“We’re ready for such a deal. We don’t know how many women are in Bagram and Kandahar,” he said by phone from an unknown location.

The Afghan government said it was unaware of female prisoners with Taliban links, and a spokeswoman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force said it was not known if there were women held on those bases.

The South Korean ambassador to Afghanistan says some of the women are reportedly ill, but not “critically.” Yet.