Awesome. I’ll bet he never thought that chum he tossed at La Raza would get picked up and played back home, eh?

Sen. Lindsey Graham defended his conservative credentials today in the wake of Monday night’s censure by the Greenville County Republican Executive Committee.

The panel, made of representatives from each of the county’s precincts, censured Graham for continuing “to adamantly support legalization of illegal immigrants in spite of” thousands of communications of “strong opposition” from local grassroots Republicans…

Samuel Harms, county GOP chairman, said told The Greenville News the Graham resolution “shows that the grassroots conservative activists of the party are thoroughly fed up with Lindsey Graham and his statements that we are bigots who will be told to shut up because we do not support amnesty for illegal immigrants.”…

Harms predicted that the videotape of the comment “is going to haunt” Graham if a serious primary challenger emerges next year.

A serious primary challenger was set to emerge before he got busted for blow. As it is, there’s only one man who can save us. And I don’t think he’s ready to answer the bell.

Speaking of pro-amnesty Republicans whom the grassroots hate, here’s Rudy offering an endorsement apropos of nothing that he really would have been better off keeping to himself.

Update: I join with my nutroots brothers in condemning this and call for Grahamnesty’s immediate resignation.