I like him instinctively even though I disagree with the answer for which he’s getting the most applause this morning. Part of the reason, I think, is because he’s from the south but doesn’t milk the good ol’ boy crap the way southern politicians are wont to do. I could easily live with him as VP, although it’s hard to imagine what ticket he’d end up on. Giuliani/Huckabee seems like an odd match. The pro-choice candidate with the creationist? Thompson/Huckabee is possible, but it’s more regional than a Thompson/Romney ticket would be. (Then again, the Arkansas-Tennessee connection didn’t hurt the Democrats in 1992.) Romney/Huckabee would work, but er, I don’t think we’re going to see Mitt as the nominee.

Anyway, here’s his take on creationism plus his thoughts on why the GOP tanked in the midterms. There’s not much any of us can disagree with there.

…And here are Rudy’s and McCain’s reactions right after Huckabee’s line about people who want to believe they’re descended from primates. Hilarious.