Robert Stacy McCain provides the counterpoint to the much-discussed Linda Chavez column of earlier in the week, and to the Bush administration’s general approach to pitching the immigration bill:

The category “immigrant” encompasses too great a diversity for the term “anti-immigrant” to have any useful meaning in the present debate. Surely Mr. Rector has no “sentiments” against the cheerful student/waitress, who didn’t break the law to come here, and one suspects Mr. Rector would welcome many more such bright, ambitious young immigrants.

Nor is there any need to insult the citizenry, as President Bush has repeatedly done, by telling us that illegal aliens are “doing jobs Americans won’t do.” My own daughter waits tables at Pizza Hut to earn her college tuition, my wife works part-time as a provider of janitorial services, and both of my brothers are truck drivers. Are my kindred not American, Mr. President?

Go read the whole thing. I’m talking to you, Mr. President.

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