In the past, YouTube has deleted our videos unilaterally, they have lied about the reason for deleting them and claimed that we deleted them ourselves, they pulled the Akon Vent even after UMG stood down on its copyright infringement case against us (they restored it after we protested), and YouTube has been generally hard to deal with for quite a while now. And when I say “hard to deal with,” I intend to conjure up Cold War analogies in your mind. We have produced whole shows as open letters taking YouTube on for its hostile acts. And don’t get us started on Youtube’s dhimmi ways. Really.

By contrast, when iFilm found our “Thanks for the Memories, Cindy!” video on our Hot Air feed, they decided to put it on their front page with a perfect one-liner to accompany it.

Do we have a conservative-friendly viral video host on our hands? I think we do.

We have set up a Hot Air page on iFilm. It’s here if you’d like to check it out. There isn’t much content there yet, but there will be.