There’s obsession, and then there’s obsession:

A WOMAN accused of planning to set off a car bomb in Sydney’s Kings Cross to prove her love for her jailed boyfriend is to stand trial.

A police statement of facts tendered today in Central Local Court said Jill Alison Courtney was “obsessed” with marrying Hussan Kalache.

“To date, the accused has Kalache’s name and corrective services inmate number tattooed over various parts of her body,” the statement said.

Isn’t love a beautiful thing? Actually, it looks like it’s less love than recruiting a gullible patsy.

Police allegedly received information that a woman named Jill, living in the Liverpool area, was “planning to detonate an explosive device in a vehicle in Kings Cross, Sydney, on Friday 24 March 2006”.

Investigations revealed the woman to be Courtney, who lived with her father in Casula, the statement said.

Further investigations revealed she and Kalache, now 28, were in a “turbulent” relationship and she was obsessed with marrying him.

The statement referred to conversations between them in March last year, which police believed related to Courtney’s “mission”.

“During (one) conversation Kalache states that after the ‘mission’ is completed he will marry the accused immediately,” the statement alleged.

“Police investigations have revealed the accused had previously approached a number of people, requesting their assistance in the preparation, purchase of materials and manufacture of improvised explosive devices.”

Meanwhile in another part of Australia, a convicted terrorist gets out of prison after serving half of his sentence and promises never to get into trouble again.

CONVICTED terrorist Jack Roche has promised to stay out of trouble after leaving a Perth jail where he served half of a nine-years sentence for plotting with al-Qaeda to bomb the Israeli embassy in Canberra.

The 53-year-old British-born Muslim convert served 4-½ years of the sentence handed to him in 2004 after he pleaded guilty midway through his trial.

Still sporting the long beard he wore before being jailed, Roche walked out of Perth’s Casuarina prison at 8am (WST) today.

At first he would not speak to the media before being escorted by prison guards to a taxi.

He was followed to his south Perth home, where he was met by his wife.

He then told journalists:”I’m glad to be out.”

Asked if he was still in touch with terrorists, Roche replied: “No”.

Asked if he was going to lead a peaceful life, he said: “Certainly am.”

And was he going to stay out of trouble? “Oh, most definitely.”

I’m sure there’s no reason to doubt the word of a convicted terrorist.