This won’t come as a shock given the speed with which he responded yesterday to Michael Moore, but it looks like Fred’s got some web-savvy personnel around him and they’re getting ready for zero hour. We got a tip this afternoon from someone claiming to own the fredthompson page at Twitter; when I asked him to prove it, he did.


He’s a Fred supporter who says he squatted on the domain weeks ago to stop any rival campaigns or Fredbashers from stealing it, in the expectation that the campaign would eventually contact him and ask him to hand it over.

Well, they’ve now asked. Or so he says — he sent me a copy of the e-mail he received from Twitter management (exact words: “The fredthompson campaign has requested ownership of the name in order to start using it”) but obviously I can’t prove for an absolute fact that it’s legit. Needless to say, though, if he’s pranking me it’s a long way to go for such a petty prank.

The domain handover hasn’t happened yet, but keep your eye on the page. Can’t be long now until the big announcement.