Michelle and I spent Saturday morning among patriots and moonbats. Here are a few of the things we saw.

cindysThe Cindys, Sheehan and McKinney.

truthTrue dat.

yellowYellow is the color of cowardice.

vigilVigil at the wall.

hoaxThe first interview in today’s show, Dan, was a NYC firefighter at the WTC on 9-11. He has had 7 surgeries to correct medical problems that began during the three weeks he spent digging through the rubble, finding his friends and comrades killed that day. Understandably, he’s not a fan of signs like this one.

terroristsOf course not. The “anti-war” protestors know deep down that the terrorists would kill them. Or they’re on the terrorists’ side.


flagsGathering of Eagles main area.

lloydmarcusSinger Lloyd Marcus. As we were approaching the stage, the CD that was supposed to provide his background track started skipping. So he sang it a capella. He’s the singer at the end of today’s show.

libertarianThat guy with the cardboard sign…is he from the CATO Institute?

their flagsIf it’s not Che, it’s flags of other countries. Go read this to hear what some of the peace-loving anti-war types think of our flag.

workers worldCommunist handing out a Spanish print of Workers World newspaper–a Communist rag.

riiiightThese people wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the backside.

Update (AP): Here’s head Freeper and GoE organizer Kristinn Taylor on FNC this morning. The boss is mentioned.

Michelle says Taylor’s right to complain about Fox’s coverage:

Megyn Kendall pointed out that they did cover the protest/counterprotest. But it was superficial and concentrated mostly on the anti-war freaks. I regret to say that Kristinn was absolutely right: It was a missed opportunity for Fox.