The mockery’s deserved but he’s laying it on way too thick. No matter; his target audience appreciates the effort. This is the same guy, of course, who sandbagged my beloved boss a few weeks ago with a profile suggesting her admirers in the blogosphere consisted mainly of (a) Bryan and (b) her husband. Once upon a time, he joined us in bludgeoning Mapes and Rather; now he’s doing stuff like this. What happened to you, man? You used to be cool.

As an aside, to see how low Fox paranoia among the nutroots has sunk, check out Johnny Dollar’s expose of the outright lies being spread to pressure Democrats into backing out of an FNC debate scheduled for August. An Important Action Alert has already been issued and the Fox-hate websites are lining up behind it. For the moment, the Democrats aren’t backing down.

Here’s the Kurtz video, which comes from TV Newser. Somehow they managed to do a crappier job with the quality than you’d get if you videotaped your television screen and uploaded that. No mean feat. Kudos, boys.

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