Mudville Gazette has the low down on Lara Logan’s 60 Minutes report. The CBS correspondent interviewed several anti-Iraq War soldiers, including Navy Petty Officer Jonathan Hutto. (h/t Michelle)

Who is Jonathan Hutto? Media Lies has a great background on him. Here’s a little gem:

Given his background, it’s much more likely that he joined the Navy to stir up trouble; to act as a provocateur and further his anti-war agenda from within the service. Cortright’s book seems to have been his inspiration for the present campaign. Unlike his previous political activities, this one may well run afoul of TITLE: DoD Directive 1344.10, “Political Activities by Members of the Armed Forces on Active Duty”, 08/02/2004.

Hmm. Sound familiar?

Click for the video:


Noel Sheppard writes more at Newsbusters.