Gateway Pundit’s been working the story of the Iranian rocket launch for the past 24 hours but I held off linking his first post because he wasn’t sure at the time what the Farsi news services were alleging. The photos published on the Baztab news website are clearly recycled images of Australian and American rockets, but for all we know, the caption reads, “Seen here are western rockets similar to the one launched today by the Islamic Republic” etc.

So GP called in an Iranian blogger, and it turns out the captions are a little more “nuanced” than one might hope:

The [article] indeed do[es] not say that these pictures show the actual rocket, but neither do they say they don’t. After all, I thought they are real. I am going to post this all over the Persian Blogsphere.

GP’s got a new post about the launch this morning, this time involving the Kayhan news service that’s under Khamenei’s supervision. Second verse, same as the first — except this time they stretched the recycled image horizontally to fill out the page a bit. Who needs Photoshop when you’ve got Google Images?

Exit question: Why the chicanery? Presumably it’s because they don’t want the west gleaning info about Iranian missiles from published photos, but surely they can’t believe we’re relying on Kayhan and Baztab for intel about their weapons. Besides, the rocket that was launched — if it was launched — is supposedly militarily insignificant. So what gives?

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