Bret Baier of FNC threw him a curveball at today’s press conference: how could the North Korea deal be so allegedly sweet when the president’s own high-profile former ambassador to the UN thinks it’s crap? The Foxies surely knew the question was coming because they had JB himself standing by for reaction as soon as the presser ended. His take jibes with NRO’s:

The longstanding debate about North Korea in U.S. diplomatic circles has been whether to attempt reforming the regime through negotiations and incentives or forcing its eventual collapse through sanctions and isolation. After Kim’s nuclear test, the Bush administration moved forcefully in the latter direction. Much to everyone’s surprise, it managed to bring the U.N. Security Council along with it. Kim’s promise now to behave himself may well have been an act of desperation as the sanctions began to bite. This was no time to loosen their jaws. On the bright side, we’ve won a promise from a liar.

In other words, whither the axis of evil?

Exit question one, which is seldom ever asked of Bolton: Would the “cure” here be worse than the disease? And exit question two: Is Bush set to try the “sanctions and isolation” approach with another adversary?